We create inspiring workspaces and contemporary living environments to boost your better self all day long

Line up design arch studio has gained experience in the design and construction of residential and commercial spaces by paying particular attention to the use of materials and light, the integration between built and green spaces, between innovation and tradition. Our team’s creativity and attention to detail are also prominent in all our designs.

The success of our interior design projects is based on our profound knowledge of the design techniques as well as the continuous search and adaptation of new forms and trends in contemporary living. Hence, our taste of elegance is never a result of improvisation.

Not everyone knows what to expect when seeking advice from an arch studio. After conducting the necessary pre-project meetings, which are vital in understanding the functional and aesthetical requirements of the client, Lineup design arch will provide the first idea through the 3D photo realistic presentation.
This technique will allow an immediate comprehension of the end-result. You will be able to virtually experience the new planned space and apply those modifications which are necessary to finalize the project to its smallest detail.


The studio provides support both to business and private clients. Thanks to our multi-year experience and strong network of multidisciplinary professional partners we can control the complete project in all its multiple implications.
  • Renovation of residential and commercial spaces – redevelopment and recovery of existing properties and external spaces pertaining to residential and commercial use
  • Interior design for offices and commercial spaces – inspirational design for workspaces and corporate offices from idea planning to full project execution
  • “face-lift” service – “relooking” projects – fast execution and lower-cost solutions to renovate and improve the appearance of individual rooms, entire apartments or commercial areas, without incurring the costs of a traditional renovation.
  • Outdoor living redevelopment of outdoor spaces. Customized and clever solutions which beautifully blend indoor and outdoor living spaces for both residential and commercial areas.
  • Outdoor systems – shading or pergola systems in a variety of smart design and cost-effective solutions making the most of outdoor zones throughout all seasons.